About Us

Electrical is a licenced fully insured Electrical Contracting Company. We offer a wide range of professional services from maintenance to renovations and new construction for residential, commercial and industrial clients.
Electrical is a company with over 20 years of experience In the city area. For a free estimate please call +31174221144.


Make your home or business cooler and more comfortable by using less energy and electricity. Let Mr. Electric save you time and energy by installing ceiling fans. Not only does this electrical improvement save you money, but also improves the circulation throughout your home and office space.
Specialty Lighting A well-lit lawn or business has the potential to deter criminals from attacking your home or business. Don’t fall victim -- call today to receive more information on our trusted landscape and security lighting services. Whether it is your front yard or a commercial parking lot, feel safe and protected with the help of Electric.

Safety and Security

Take advantage of Mr. Electric’s free examination of your home and businesses’ entire electrical system. Our expert electricians do a thorough examination of your entire home and office with a detailed checklist to inform you of potential problems. Trust our team to keep you informed and your home and business safe.